Viafarini, non profit organization
for contemporary art founded in 1991,
is an exhibition space open for experimentation,
offers documentation services on visual arts,
and runs a residency program for artists and curators.

Viafarini regularly takes interns from universities in order to train future art professionals whilst broadening their knowledge of the contemporary Italian artistic scene.
In assisting staff members in Viafarini, depending on what is required during the internship period, the intern should become aware of the work methodology and issues involved in managing a non-profit artistic organization.
Internships are generally part-time, with working hours to be determined, and they are unpaid.
Those candidates are invited to send their curriculum vitae to

The activities at Viafarini involve:


  • contact with artists
  • material and equipment research
  • shipments
  • assembly, set-up, and lighting
  • budgets and insurance
  • communication, catalogues and invites

Educational Activities

  • guided tours, meetings and debates


  • text cataloguizing
  • text searching
  • consulting services


  • contacting with artists at a personal level
  • overseeing and selection of work
  • organization of information
  • cataloguizing and data storage in the computer
  • insertion of images of artworks in the computer
  • retrieval of information from other institutions

ArtBox Database

  • retrieval of information for the ArtBox database on contests, scholarships, courses, residence programs, etc s

Press Office and Communication

  • editing of press communication and informative texts
  • contacting photographers, graphic artists, printmakers
  • contacting the media: newspapers,weekly, monthly and specialized magazines
  • contacting galleries, foundations, museums, public and private institutions
  • mailing invites, press kits

Secretarial Receptionist Activities

  • information service to the public
  • managing correspondence
  • documentation concerning gallery activities


last update 2-02-2010