Marta Fernández Calvo / Chequerboard / Paco Ramos
The Rain Project

January 2 - February 8, 2009

Since January 1st Marta Fernández Calvo and John Lambert (Chequerboard) are the guest artist at VIR Viafarini-in-residence.
The artistic project that will open during VIR Open Day is titled The Rain Project, and has been developed by Marta Fernández Calvo in collaboration with Irish artist and musician Chequerboard and Spanish artist Paco Ramos.

The project represents the formalization of an itinerant process, based upon the localization and the mapping process of different urban scenarios. The artwork involves three cities: Dublin, Logroño and Milan.
The artist started analyzing the impact of the rain as a natural phenomenon from many points of view: enviromental, urban and cultural, underlying the subtle deformations that it triggers in the social context. The artwork refers to the 18 different words used in the japanese language in order to describe the different types of rain: from the spring subtle rain to the rain shower, from the rain storm to the hailstorm.

As artist Marta Fernández Calvo declares: “Our art project started from an analysis of the exhibitional space, a kind of recognition. I focused my attention on the traces of light that penetrate through the windows during the afternoon, when i noticed that the light plots or transports the windows, iron grilles and plants from the courtyard inside the exhibition space, creating a vibrant dialog between the inner and the outer spaces, a dialog that will become the core engine of our encounter/exhibition. The rain has become a third medium for us, a way to explore the hybrid descriptions between installation, performance, illustration, sound and the pleasure of working together.”

In the artists’ mind this highly evocative approach will unveil a new perspective and a new way to consider the city’s landscape.

With the support of Gemmo spa and Gobierno de La Rioja.


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