a project curated by Valerio Borgonuovo and Silvia Franceschini
in collaboration with Viafarini DOCVA, Milan

The generation born under the aegis of commercial television stations and the boomtown Milan of the ‘80s grew up within a social, political and cultural scenario fatally characterized by an all-enveloping and radical anthropological transformation (one already prophesized by Pasolini), in which the emergence of unprecedented conflicts of interest, of an (as of yet unresolved) media monopoly, and a repressive logic of democratic consensus based on the invisible control and steering of public opinion via the media led to situations with new and some of the most alarming connotations in what is defined by some as the land of the long-term anomaly.

Having grown up within an art system which for years has been highly unreceptive towards international debate and the key issues is proposes, bound up not only in politics but also in the social and territorial emergencies on a local level, the artists invited to contribute to the study of Anomali seem to have begun to speak once more of their own context from within their own context, as a form of resistance against and denouement of the anomalies that lie at the heart of the dominant logics and dynamics. Rather than embarking on historical-archival or fictional research – with the aim of nurturing forms of interpretation and reflection on the cultural and political motives underpinning past events, frequently overlooked or hushed up – the artists invited seem to focus on the present and current affairs, proceeding via investigative methods linked to other fields of study (such as anthropology, statistics, sociology, geography and science) as means by which to elaborate the tools to create the right circumstances to break away from the norms of the anaesthetized state of culture in our country, despite all the faults and contradictions in the system.

On these premises, Anomali thus sets out to reactivate and renew a debate on Italy as seen through the eyes of its artists, starting from the city of Milan and the historic non-profit organization Viafarini DOCVA. A kind of journey through modern-day Italy, every element of the program will be developed and deployed in a different city or town, with new institutional and/or independent interlocutors, although Viafarini DOCVA and Milan will remain the headquarters (and not only in logistic terms), staging the public display of everything that emerges from each of the temporary collaboration projects. The initiative will take place through the adoption of various formats and kinds of specific events, exhibition projects (both solo and group), as well as in-depth interdisciplinary and didactic meetings between artists, experts, universities and academies

February 5 2013, Bologna – Milan
Valerio Borgonuovo and Silvia Franceschini

With the contribution of Fondazione Cariplo and Gemmo SpA


last update 13-06-2013