Scarpe da nozze
2000, ink on shoes, plaster, wool, cotton, plexiglass

2000, chairs, wool thread

Non respirare/respira
2000, mixed media
installation views

Non respirare/respira
Letizia Cariello

curated by Francesca Pasini

November 16 - December 7, 2000

«Don’t breath/breath»: this is the rhythm when you swim, the order when you take a radiograph, but also an aut aut. All actions that need a physical space: a swimming pool; a tooth, the lungs; death and life.
The swimming pool announced by Letizia Cariello is not metaphoric, though: Even if there is no water, one is invited to dive into it, pass from lane to lane, alternate the breath, touch the edge, turn and start again.
In the Viafarini exhibition space these elements are all there. The pool lines, hanging at lungs height, were lent by Ermanno Montanari; the water level was chosen by Letizia and also the colour she painted it with: pink. The Ts, that indicate the end of the pool, were too painted by her. There is no chlorine, since you cannot disinfect daily life with which Letizia Cariello filled her swimming pool.
«Breath» is equivalent to swim; «don’t breath» means to stay on the edge and not to dive into «forgotten fears, into convent cells, into prisons, into the rooms of adolescence» that are a background to experiences, maybe small ones, which you cannot avoid. You can only slow down the moment in which you have to dive, even if you cannot swim.
There are the chairs with their backs tied to each other by threads of red wool; there are drawings on the wall (calendars, turtles turned upside down); there are white wedding shoes nailed to each other: calculation of very close moments or events that turn you upside down. Things that are not of great importance, but that constitute the water in which we dive every day, sometimes bind us, they seclude us, but they also make us find back to ourselves.
The obsessive time of days passing by - which Letizia Cariello presented at her first solo show at the Studio Casoli in Milan last year – has now become the physical dimension of a crossing, in which one can get lost but also rebel against the ties, or at least not remove their protective contradiction (the red wool).

Under the Patronage of the Municipality of Milan, Youth Department


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