unheard of cruelties / crudeltà inaudite
Gianluca Codeghini / Dario Bellini

November, 3 - 15, 2011

ATLANTIC a true story: The Italian toy-factory that built the series of military figures of all times closed in the ‘80s. The original moulds were in part bought by an Iraqi entrepreneur who wanted to sell them in his country. Because of the invasion of Kuwait, that subsequently brought to the First Gulf War, the dispatch of these figures halted at the boundaries and the moulds were sent back to Milan and from there to Jordan. For some years we have lost all trace of them. During respite, they arrived at destination by roundabout means, but in the course of the second invasion of Iraq by George W. Bush, the factory was bombed out. Nobody knew anything more about those toy soldiers which, by any chance, ended up in a true war.

The composition moves on, accompanies and crosses the event with its own musical strategy and the music paper becomes an out-and-out battlefield. The landscape is invaded by thousands of white toy soldier, few centimeters high, scattered everywhere, bolt upright and lined up, ready to challenge even if they all have the same belonging, the same uniform, all white, all friends and all enemies. Two stray and stateless cats are free to move into the room, free to play with the toy soldiers. At the same time, they seem to be tender and cruel. The musical performance chases their feline and shattering action. The sound of “intonarumori” (a kind of musical machine invented by the futurist artists Luigi Russolo and Ugo Piatti) is sampled and torn to pieces, putting a particular emphasis on the cue and the decay, with an improper use of the instrument and pitching the narrative structure on a rhythmical progression. The analogical sound of “intonarumori” merges into the production of digital noise and the whole reminds us of the gasp of a cat that purrs, a visceral sound emitted from the inside and body-soaked, confused with the material that causes that sound. Ferocity and sweetness of indifference. Are we really sure to hate violence?

The production was possible thanks to the patronage of MART – Museo d’arte moderna e contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto, where, during 2007, Gianluca Codeghini and Dario Bellini sampled and recorded the performance and made the video-installation. Furthermore, fundamental for the realization of this project is the work made by Pietro Velardo – that materially built the “intonarumori” machines, based on the original sketches and notes of the futurist artists Luigi Russolo and Ugo Piatti – and NEXUS Atlantic, the technical sponsor of the project.

With the contribution of Fondazione Cariplo and Gemmo spa. Technical support: Atlantic


last update 17-11-2011