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Installation view

Installation view

Italo Zuffi

Giovanni Morbin

Andrea Sala

Francesco Arena

Davide Rivalta

photo by Zeno Zotti

a project by Milovan Farronato

Elisabetta Alazraki selected by Paola Noè, Francesco Arena selected by Vincenzo De Bellis, Davide Balliano selected by Elena Bordignon, Marco Belfiore selected by Roberta Tenconi, two collectors, Stefania ed Emilio Giorgi, will choose an artwork from their collection in dialog with Francesco Garutti, Samuele Menin selected by Marco Tagliafierro, Giovanni Morbin selected by Simone Menegoi, Davide Rivalta selected by Davide Ferri, Andrea Sala selected by Michela Arfiero, Italo Zuffi selected by Antonio Grulli.

June 16 - September 15, 2009

The Exhibition

A group exhibition, composed by 10 indipendently conceived solo shows, represents the exhibitional completion of a series of interviews held by artistic director Milovan Farronato, which have generated much interest. From April until June, at DOCVA venue at Fabbrica del Vapore, took place five curator talks, involving ten curators in all: Elena Bordignon and Marco Tagliafierro, Vincenzo De Bellis and Davide Ferri, Paola Noè and Francesco Garutti, Michela Arfiero and Simone Menegoi, Roberta Tenconi and Antonio Grulli.
Each curator will now present a single work, in an attempt to formalize the complexity of his own specific curatorial research, as a  further contribution to the debate upon a possibile map of some Italian curatorial research paths, and more specifically based in Milan. The exhibition has been conceived so to offer a reliable map of some of the more dynamic research actually enacted, able to represent a wide range of different approaches and attitudes, obtained by the artworks of some young artists encompassed in DOCVA Archive.

The Interviews

Curatology© is a series of interviews with a group of ten of the of the most representative Italian curators of the last generation, held by Viafarini’s artistic director Milovan Farronato.
The curators which have been involved in this first series of interviews share the same interest in the promotion of the most cutting edge Italian art scene.
Curatology© represents a precious and rare chance to stimulate new synergies and ways of collaboration between Italian artists and curators. The program is mainly addressed to the number of young artists included in DOCVA Archive, in order to let them comprehend which may be the most proper curatorial path according to their specific research, and to let them share views and opinions in a public debate devoted to the most advanced artistic experimentations currently taking place in the International art scene.

Curator's Archive

Curatology© also represents the first step toward the institution of the new Archivio Curatori (Italian Curator’s Archive), an instrument that will collect the complete documentation concerning exhibitional and/or editorial projects by the curators that will be involved in the project. All the materials will be put on display at DOCVA Documentation Center for Visual Arts, run by Careof and Viafarini.
Curatology© represents a precious and rare chance to stimulate new synergies and ways of collaboration between Italian artists and curators.

Under the Patronage of Milan Municipality - Culture. With the support of Fondazione Cariplo, Gemmo, Vibrapac and Campari Soda.


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