Walter Benjamin Smith, THE AMERICAN, 2010 and Soft Division, 2010, installation view

Till Gathmann, The Fascist Kindergarten,
2010, installation, dimensions variable

Julia Brown, Live feed, 2010
Video installation, still

Birte Endrejat, dedicated t.
(edition, A3, BIO TOP 3 / 80g),
2010, detail

Give and Take - Visiting Professor Hans Haacke

Exhibition by the students of the XVI Advanced Course in Visual Arts of the FAR

Julia Brown, Antonia Carrara, Danilo Correale, Abbey Shaine Dubin, Laura Duran, Birte Endrejat, Fausto Falchi, Till Gathmann, Adelita Husni-Bey, Kentaro Ikegami, François Lemieux, Eric Martijn, Ludovic Méhauté, Emily Morant, Elaine Marianne Reynolds, Fabrizio Sartori, Walter Benjamin Smith, Elisa Strinna, Oriol Vilanova

curated by Anna Daneri Pietroiusti

November 3 - 20, 2010

Give and take is the title of end-of- course exhibition of the participants in the 16th Advanced Course in Visual Arts held by the Fondazione Antonio Ratti under the direction of Annie Ratti, which this year had Hans Haacke as the Visiting Professor. The exhibition, curated by Anna Daneri and Cesare Pietroiusti, is organized by Fondazione Antonio Ratti under the patronage of Comune di Milano – Settore Tempo Libero, in collaboration with Careof, DOCVA, Viafarini, with the support of Epson.

It exhibits the works of the nineteen artists wh o attended the workshop held in Como during the month of July: Julia Brown (USA), Antonia Carrara (ITALY), Danilo Correale (ITALY), Abbey Shaine Dubin (USA), Laura Duran (COLOMBIA), Birte Endrejat (GERMANY), Fausto Falchi (ITALY), Till Gathmann (GERMANY), Adelita Husni-Bey (ITALY), Kentaro Ikegami (JAPAN), François Lemieux (CANADA), Eric Martijn (NETHERLANDS), Ludovic Méhauté (FRANCE), Emily Morant (AUSTRALIA), Elaine Marianne Reynolds (IRELAND), Fabrizio Sartori (ITALY), Walter Benjamin Smith (USA), Elisa Strinna (ITALY), Oriol Vilanova (SPAIN).

The exhibition, staged in three different venues at Fabbrica del Vapore, gives the opportunity to know the work of the international artists selected for the course, whose projects were carried out during the seminar conducted by Hans Haacke. Give and take will present installations, performances, videos, photographs and drawings that tackle in a variety of ways the theme developed together with the Visiting Professor. During the workshop, Hans Haacke analysed with the young selected artists the different existing relationships between themselves and their place of origin; a similar modality of research was conducted towards Como and towards the context in which the artists worked during the period of the course, which introduced significant elements to the whole project. The course created an occasion to reflect upon the concept of ‘site-specificity’ and of ‘significance’ of a particular object, image, practice or action.

The 5th edition of Epson FAR Award for artistic research, assigned by a jury made composed by Carla Conca (Business Manager of Epson Italia Video Projectors), Annie Ratti (Director of the Advanced Course in Visual Arts) and Andrea Lissoni (Art Historian and Curator at Hangar Bicocca, Milan) was awarded to Abbey Shaine Dubin, Birtre Endrejat and Julia Brown. The prize, created in 2006 thanks to Epson Italia, that decided to support the participant young artists by awarding the works that revealed a greater interest from the point of view of visual experimentation. The exhibition hosts the presentation of the publication on this year’s course. A collective project, discussed and developed during the course, divided into sections and curated by the different working groups artists. The Publication is edited and distributed by Mousse Publishing.

Exhibition organized by Fondazione Antonio Ratti, under the patronage of Comune di Milano - Settore Tempo Libero, in collaboration with Careof DOCVA Viafarini and with the support of Epson


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