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Installation view

Installation view

Installation view

Alessandro Zuek Simonetti

Marina Fulgeri

Carla Mattii

Elia Cantori

Photo by Zeno Zotti

La fioritura del bambù
curated by Milovan Farronato

A Palazzo Gallery presents Marta Pierobon
presents Marina Fulgeri
CAR Projects
presents Elia Cantori
Federica Schiavo Gallery
presents Gabriele Porta
Fabio Tiboni Arte Contemporanea
presents Giovanni Ozzola
Galleria Tiziana Di Caro
presents Stanislao Di Giugno
Jarach Gallery
presents Alessandro Zuek Simonetti
Norma Mangione Gallery
presents Francesco Barocco
unosunove arte contemporanea
presents Carla Mattii

September 17 - October 31, 2009

After the last step of the Curatology© project, in which each of the ten curators has been invited to present an artwork who deals with the core issues of their curatorial research, on September 17 Viafarini DOCVA will preserve the modular structure realized with the contribution of Vibrapac. In order to fulfil one of its primary mission, Viafarini keeps to promote the Italian creativity: nine emerging galleries introduce themselves by presenting an artwork by one of their represented artists.

The selection has been inspired by the following criteria: each gallery is based outside Milan, in order to be complementary to StartMilano collective opening – as well as to present a reliable overview of what’s going on outside Milan. The project fosters the dialog between the emerging artists, the most promising exhibition spaces and the DOCVA Archive, Like a Bamboo plant, which is the fastest-growing vegetable in the world, all the invited galleries rapidly expanded themselves thanks to their highly typifying curatorial programs.

Bamboo is a long lasting plant, that blooms shortly before its death. Viafarini wishes a long career, a rhizomatic diffusion and a painless blooming to: A Palazzo Gallery, Brescia; Agenzia04, Bologna; CAR Projects, Bologna; Federica Schiavo Gallery, Rome; Fabio Tiboni Arte Contemporanea, Bologna; Galleria Tiziana Di Caro, Salerno; Jarach Gallery, Venice; Norma Mangione Gallery, Turin; unosunove arte contemporanea, Rome.

The exhibition includes artworks by: Francesco Barocco, Elia Cantori, Stanislao Di Giugno, Marina Fulgeri, Carla Mattii, Giovanni Ozzola, Marta Pierobon, Gabriele Porta, Alessandro Zuek Simonetti

La Fioritura del Bambù belongs to a series of curatorial projects that characterize Viafarini’s 2009 program, all realized thanks to the support of Fondazione Cariplo and to the partnership with Gemmo. The next and last stage will open on November 2009: a group show curated by Chiara Agnello and Milovan Farronato titled Il Raccolto d’Autunno è stato Abbondante, will present a selection of the most deserving emerging artistic researches of the last two years, as the result of the DOCVA Documentation Center for Visual Arts which includes a Portfolio Archive, a Video Archive and the Artbox database.
The exhibition will be host in both Careof and Viafarini and will be promoted by the Lombardy Region.

Con il patrocinio del Comune di Milano - Cultura. Con il contributo di Fondazione Cariplo, Gemmo, Vibrapac


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