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installation view

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installation detail

Mental Landscapes and Transit Lines

Federico Herrero

curated by Angela Vettese

October 13 - November 6 2004

Viafarini is pleased to announce the first solo show in Italy by Federico Herrero, artist from Costa Rica whome the Italian public had the chance to know at the 2001 Venice Biennale. The show entitled Mental landscapes and Transit lines, opens on Wednesday October 13, 2004. His education spanned different fields, from architecture to teaching to children. However, he painted since ever, and gradually came to have as specific reference Sebastian Roberto Matta’s conception of space, and further Gabriel Orozco’s idea that spaces can be animated. For Viafrini Herrero conceived a site-specific work, produced over two weeks, in which he unites his three modes of painting: signs on the floor reminding of transit lines, to evoke the street and its capability to give pictorial practice a functional character; mural compositions that come to life nearly without drawing, mainly inspired by damp patches and concentrated in the corners, in the places of architectural roughness, in those parts in which a sort of expressive necessity of the space seems to coagulate; and last not least the small and large canvases, characterised by an abstract figuration similar to the one of the murals but spread in a more compact way and mindful of the Western pictorial tradition.

Tradition is therefore accepted, but also raised to an issue and put in the condition to permanently dialogue with architecture. In this dialogue wall painting becomes a middle way between the “useful” character of the transit lines and the “useless” proper of the canvases.

The operation for Viafarini mainly originates from the interaction with natural light: the windows of the former store let a forth iconic element come in, the outer space, that typically urban and specifically Milanese landscape that becomes a last contribution to the work.

With the support of Comune di Milano - Cultura e Musei, Settore Musei e Mostre.


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