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Interplace Access

X-Art Foundation
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curated by Tatiana Trouvè and Marion Baruch / Name Diffusion

December 10 - 19, 1996


A documentary exhibition titled Interplace access, by Tatiana Trouvé and Marion Baruch/Name Diffusion (from an idea by Tatiana Trouvé), took place at Viafarini from 10th to 19th December 1996. The exhibition concerned independent projects and structures created by artists in Europe and in the United States. About forty organizations were shown in the form of magazines, catalogues, videos, audio-tapes, and posters. On Tuesday 10th December, at 6 p.m., a round table opened the exhibition, in which the following people took part:

Ursula Biemann, Marion Von Osten (Shedhalle, Zurich)
Barbara Faessler (ProjektRaum, Zurich)
Peter Spillmann (Kombirama, Zurich)
Maria Bjurestam, Malin Lobell (the Telephone Gallery, Stockholm)
Ingvil Aarbakke, Marius Hartmann, Rikke Luther, Jon Sorvin, Cecilia Wendt (N55, Copenhagen)
Jukka Ylitalo (MUU, Helsinki)
Zefferina Castoldi (Care of, Cusano Milanino)
Patrizia Brusarosco, Alessandra Galasso (Viafarini, Milan)

The debate was introduced by Paul Ardenne (art historian), Marion Baruch (artist), and Tatiana Trouvé (artist); whereas Jordan Crandall (X-Art Foundation, New York), being unable to come personally to Milan, sent a text that was read during the opening night. The round table, which lasted two hours, was documented by a videotape. The organizations and projects taking part in the exhibition were selected by Tatiana Trouvé and Marion Baruch, on the basis of their personal history and experience. According to the curators, an anthological or representative selection could be as groundless as their own subjective choice; thus their choice matched the autonomous and “subversive” spirit of the structures attending Interplace access. From 20th December onward, Tatiana Trouvé and Marion Baruch - with the participants’ approval - will make the whole documentation of Interplace access available to Viafarini’s archives, where it will be consultable by the public during the usual opening hours.


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