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Palacio Real?

Pere Llobera

curated by Milovan Farronato

May 3 - June 20 2007

"Six years ago I saw a photo in the Spanish magazine “Hello” which showed an official reception in the Spanish Royal Palace. On that photo appears obviously the Queen and King, a Cardinal making a speech in the middle of the space and a big number of ambassadors listening to the speech.
My first thought when I looked at this photo was that I was looking at theatre: the golden frames of mirrors, the crown light (like tears), and the dresses. Everything remained me to the Opera.
I took this photo out of the magazine, thinking I might use it somewhere in the future.
At one day I was in Amsterdam at Queens day. In The Netherlands the Dutch celebrate the birthday of the former Queen Juliana. People, young and old put their old stuff outside their houses and try to sell it to the passing people. The result is a very colourful multitude of people. Many people wear orange clothes and show orange flags, proud of the symbolic colour of their country.
That night I looked the sleeping photo of the Spanish Royal Palace and saw the similarity between this photo and the nationalism of the Dutch Queens day. For me it is difficult to understand the monarchy outside the Middle Ages.
At this point I started to make the painting of the Palacio Real and I wanted to put the people of the Royal Palace like they were in a theatre. I was searching for a way how to put the people of the Royal Palace on the painting. The idea of making cardboard boxes instead of real people started with another painting of me. A painting where I put myself like a cardboard box between my parents. It was not my first intention to make an installation together with the painting but it was very difficult for me to paint out of my head the cardboard boxes. I started to collect the boxes and the installation grew with the painting according as I needed the models for the painting. In the end there was the installation of cardboard boxes posing for the Palacio Real belonging together like the Royal couple and their audience. Long live the Queen and long live the people!!"
(Pere Llobera)

With the support of Comune di Milano - Settore Tempo Libero and Gemmo S.p.A


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