Urs Lüthi
left: Spazio Umano, 2006-2012
c-print on aludibond, plexiglass, 200 x 250 cm
right: Territories I-III, 2012
painted bronze, wood, 108 x 56 x 32 cm

Agne Raceviciute
Conclave sculpture 05, 2013
fabric, thread, metal, dimension variable

Agne Raceviciute
Conclave 011,
c-print, 165 x 115 cm

exhibition view

exhibition view

exhibition view
photo by Davide Tremolada

Urs Lüthi, Agne Raceviciute

curated by Simone Frangi
October 29 - November 23, 2013

A tight inter-generational dialog, full of filiations, equivalences and isomorphisms. A biunivocal relation, a level playing field, a diagram of transits and permanences. The two-person show of Urs Lüthi (1947, Kriens, Switzerland) and Agne Raceviciute (1988, Klaipeda, Lithuania) retraces the relationship of mutual respect between an emerging Lithuanian artist and one of the most important references of her work. Tied by a woven of correspondances, Lüthi and Raceviciute share the same approach to black and white photography which is often prolonged in installations and sculptures, together with a fascination for the universe of clothing and the complementary figures of the mask and the veil.
A common research field, where the exploration of the mechanisms of identitarian mimetism and transformism rearranges the traditional symbolics of the portrait and of the self-portrait, restructuring them in terms of “human still life”.
Three sculptural elements of the series Territories and a photography work from Lüthi’s series Spazio Umano are set into a relationship of mutual mirroring with the latest outcomes of Raceviciute’s long term project Conclave.
Absorbed in an atmosphere of severe moderation and imperceptible vitalism, the exhibition tries to grasp that precise moment in which the human figure abandons the landscape, leaving a plangent void in it.
The sculptural conversation between Lüthi and Raceviciute incorporates a geographical imaginary made of scenic thresholds, subtle appearances and desertions that the two artists inspect and sift through the lenses of abstraction and reduction processes. Surrendering to a form of minor monumentalism and delving into a diffused feeling of warm and intimate languor, sculpture and photography articulate in ephemeral forms that passage from the human body to what hosts it.

with the support of Fondazione Cariplo and Gemmo SpA. With the contribution of Achille Pinto S.p.a. (Como) in collaboration with Next Agency (Milan). On the occasion of the exhibition a contribution by Marco Tagliafierro about the interaction between Art and Entrepreneurship has been released.


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