installation view

Laura Matei

curated by Francesca Pasini

October 18 - November 10, 2000

There are images which convey the sense of history, even when we do not remember anything of the battles, of the passions, of the characters they represent. That is normal, memory swallows.
The funnel-shaped passageway, which Laura Matei covered with re-drawn fragments of the past, is a sort of trachea through which one is swallowed. The drawings on the two walls are put at risk every time somebody passes, since they are of coloured chalk which is not fixed, and the corridor is very narrow.
Their fragility is palpable – a feature recurrent in Laura Matei’s work: Sometimes it is marked by embroideries, or by a pencil sharpened until it turns into a long fragile spiral, or by pigments solved in water and put into plastic bags to cover the whole surface of a room’s floor…
In this show the drawings are “flashes of coloured powder” by which Laura invites to make history, paying attention to the traces that we carry on us – even if without knowing -, to the losses that can never be really filled up again. The images, reproduced exactly, build a jigsaw, in which the colours lead to the freedom of memory, to the fantasy necessary to reconstruct history without distorting it, i.e. without hiding the marks, the passions, the losses that everybody imprints both to the personal and the collective events, both to the experience of the present and to the feeling of the past. The colours, the precariousness of the chalks, the unwinding are Laura’s, the memories which they evoke are everybody’s, as it normally happens in people’s lives.

Under the Patronage of the Municipality of Milan, Youth Department.


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