Jennifer Tee, Niels Klavers, Freudenthal & Verhagen, Keupr/van Bentm

curated by Marieke van Hal

Dutch presentation during the Milan Fashion Week

March 2 - 30, 2001

.nl is a group exhibition by young Dutch artists, fashion designers and photographers, which will be held during the Milan fashion week. Dutch fashion is presently in the spotlight of international attention, being characterized by great creative autonomy and experimental freedom. The creations are outrageous and extreme, and often verge on visual art. This exhibition will connect fashion, art and photography in such a way that a new total environment is created

Characteristic of the participants is that every one of them is exploring the vanishing boundaries of their discipline. They have been selected for their self-determination and for the complete autonomy they are claiming for themselves within their discipline. With her installations, Jennifer Tee aims to create a fairy-tale world that transports the viewer into a different reality. The outfits by fashion designers Niels Klavers and Keupr/vanBentm are surprising and experimental. They are visibly playing with the limits of what is an item of clothing. Wearability and saleability appear to be of secondary importance. Carmen Freudenthal & Elle Verhagen regard their photos as autonomous art, even though they are often commissioned by magazines such as i-D. That it concerns fashion photography is barely perceptible any more.

The exhibition is based on the idea of a total environment. This links up with an international tendency among contemporary artists to make ‘environment art’, or ambient spaces as these have also been characterized. Spaces filled with atmosphere that transport the viewer into a different reality, and activate our senses as much as possible. With .nl, a number of artists/designers will jointly create a single new environment. The works will be connected to each other within an organic structure, so that the whole will have the effect of a total experience. This overall approach will make the exhibition a ‘pleasant’ place to be, quite the opposite to the so-called ‘white cube’ with its huge distance between work of art and visitor. Here, the viewer does not find himself opposite, but rather, in the middle of, the work.

Thanks to Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam; Ambasciata dei Paesi Bassi, Roma; Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo/TBA


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