installation views
photo by Mario Gorni, Lia Ronchi and Maria Vastola

Officine dell'Arte
outcomes from the workshops held by Stefano Arienti and Italo Zuffi

Marco Belfiore, Sara Benaglia, Filippo Berta, Gaia Carboni, Giallo Concialdi, Ilaria Cuccagna, Sara Enrico, Emilia Faro, Mariana Ferratto, Tony Fiorentino, Niccolò Gandolfi, Gabriele Garavaglia, Alessandro Laita, Andrea Mineo, Katja Noppes, Serena Osti, Ambra Pittoni, Richard Sympson, Iacopo Seri, Felice Serreli, Francesco Sollazzo, Marcello Spada, Carloalberto Treccani, Alberto Venturini.

December 13, 2011 - January 28, 2012

Careof and Viafarini are pleased to present the collective exhibition of some of the artists from the Archive of DOCVA Documentation Center for Visual Arts, coordinated by the visiting professors Stefano Arienti and Italo Zuffi. From September till November the two artists have been led two workshops in the places of the residencies managed by the two organizations, FDV Residency Program and VIR Viafarini-in-residence.
The project was conceived and patronized in collaboration with Regione Lombardia and GAMeC – Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art of Bergamo.

The two workshops and the exhibition involve 26 artists: with Stefano Arienti worked Marco Belfiore, Gaia Carboni, Sara Enrico, Emilia Faro, Niccolò Gandolfi, Gabriele Garavaglia, Katja Noppes, Richard Sympson, Felice Serreli, Marcello Spada, Carloalberto Treccani; with Italo Zuffi worked Sara Benaglia, Filippo Berta, Gianluca Concialdi, Ilaria Cuccagna, Mariana Ferratto, Tony Fiorentino, Alessandro Laita, Andrea Mineo, Serena Osti, Ambra Pittoni, Iacopo Seri, Francesco Sollazzo and Alberto Venturini. Giada Lusardi, student at Università degli Studi of Parma, followed the different moments of this second workshop trying to put it back in the form of a diary.

The workshops started with the themes proposed by Stefano Arienti and Italo Zuffi.

Stefano Arienti, through a careful investigation of every area of the visible, began a process of consciousness towards the image. In this way, on the one hand, he highlighted the often neglected multiplicity of what appears in front of us; on the other hand,he underlined the tendency of our gaze, polluted by habit, to accept in an uncritical and passive way what surrounds us. Furthermore, he focused his attention on the materials and tecniques through which the images are constructed and presented. This way a book can become a volume, a comic a top hat and a drawing can regain the plastic form only mimed in the past.

Italo Zuffi suggested a workshop structured around the use of the body as medium and place of expression. This workshop was particularly addressed to those interested in reaching a performative practice, with the possibility to experience both the gesture, the action and the use of the word, up to the creation of objects or the intervention of an installation. During the meetings, both the exercise, the discussion and the thought have been developped, with particular attention to the concept of non-spectacular, defining, moreover a series of words or themes through which one can recognize himself and which can be used for the elaboration of deep and personal manifestations.

The selected artists had the opportunity to compare their works with the ones of the visiting professors: from this dialogue the expositive path mounted in the rooms of Careof and Viafarini took form. The outcomes of the project will be documented in a catalog, which will be published in January by Silvana Editoriale, realized thanks to the collaboration between the art directors Tommaso Garner and Francesco Valtolina and curated by Chiara Agnello and Milovan Farronato.

in collaboration with Regione Lombardia and GAMeC – Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art of Bergamo. Thanks to Metalsistem for the technical support.


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