installation view

installation view

Dancing on the Verge - Ouverture

Marco Papa

curated by Milovan Farronato

October 8 - 11, 2003

Dancing on the Verge - first part

Wearing the non season

Marco Papa invites the visitor to enter his installation, which is in fact an environment, a place difficult to identify: a sort of showroom, in which however it is not clear which kind of product is shown. The installation welcomes the viewer in the dark, leaving traces and imprints on his/her body. Completely covered in black, the space is dimly lit, the little light concentrating on a few details: it will be difficult to circulate, the precarious character of the route, the absence of certainties, the lack of holds and the chance to bump into obstacles will be experienced - a situation similar to a sudden loss of balance, to walking on a tight rope, where the same importance is given to both balance and free fall.

At the entrance of the exhibition space a profile coming out of the black will be visible, the non-identifiable outline of a wasted talent: Gene Anthony Ray, in art Leroy Johnson, famous icon of the TV series “Fame”, and now  emblematic example for analysing the idea of failure and rebirth, to which the whole project is dedicated. Some hostesses/shop assistants (the performers in this installation) will guide the visitor to the exhibited "goods": a garment specially designed for this occasion by Yasmin Naqvi, and the prototype of a future product line "Dancing on the Verge". A changing room, a place inside a place, will give the visitors the opportunity to recognise and see what they could not identify before, and to see evidence on their own clothing of the signs of their passing-through through the dark. The situation inside this second place is reversed: the light is dazzling, the internal surface is made of mirrors with the polarised initial profile, and the music, nearly muffled and not to be recognised before, is now intelligible. A new cognitive and aesthetic conscience has been reached that allows to face the way back, to return on one's own steps with a changed attitude.

The leitmotiv image at the entrance, in the changing room and on the garment itself will be transmitted at intermittence on the monitors for advertising of the Milanese underground stations during the days preceding the opening.

Dancing on the Verge is a work in progress that will find its conclusion in a performing installation performed by Gene Anthony Ray, anticipated by a series of events that will take place in Milan, London, Berlin and Athens. Each of these events will contain a reflection on a single aspect that the whole project focuses on and, within a specially designed environment, a prototype will be presented, a gadget for advertising the project, to be produced and distributed: a garment, an energy drink, a ring - elements useful to the rebirth of a hero fallen in disgrace and symbols of states of mind.

Organisation Viafarini, Milano
In collaboration with studio Yasmine Naqvi, Vicenza


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