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Installation view

Installation view

Renato Leotta

Antonio Barletta

Santo Tolone, Riccardo Baruzzi

Santo Tolone

Loredana Di Lillo

Giorgio Guidi

Emily Verla Bovino

Giovanni Oberti

Photo by Zeno Zotti

Il raccolto d'autunno è stato abbondante
curated by Chiara Agnello and Milovan Farronato

Antonio Barletta, Riccardo Baruzzi, Emily Bovino, Loredana Di Lillo, Cleo Fariselli, Giorgio Guidi, Renato Leotta, Giovanni Oberti, Anja Puntari, Matteo Rosa, Maia Sambonet, Manuel Scano, Santo Tolone

10 November - 23 December 2009

After a two years long period of intense research, Careof and Viafarini are pleased to present, a selection of some of the most interesting artists from the Milanese DOCVA Documentation Center for Visual Arts. The exhibition is presented in collaboration with the Office for Cultures, Identities and Autonomies of the Lombardy Region.

All the featuring artists, selected by DOCVA curators Chiara Agnello and Milovan Farronato, represent an heterogeneous group. Some months ago they started to communicate and confront with each other, in order to experiment new types of synergies and new way to share the exhibition space, as well as to orchestrate the definition of the respective artworks and the general exhibiting sequence. The younger artists, which consider this exhibition as an intellectual testing ground, will be put side by side with other artists which had other exhibitions in the past.

This exhibition represents a plentiful “gathering”, presenting a wide range of different stylistic and expressive researches: from the astronomic speculations of Cleo Fariselli to to the historical evocations by Renato Leotta, the literary one by Emily Bovino; from the Italic Folk by Antonio Barletta to the multicultural reflections by Anja Puntari and Maia Sambonet; from the deeply romantic gestures by Matteo Rosa to the silent presences by Giovanni Oberti and Loredana Di Lillo; from the precarious structures by Manuel Scano; to the paradoxical interventions by Santo Tolone, to the assemblage by Riccardo Baruzzi and Giorgio Guidi, where each element preserve the signs of personal and collective memories.

Exhibition catalog edited by Mousse Publishing.

A project by Careof and Viafarini
In collaboration with the Office for Cultures, Identities and Autunomies of the Lombardy Region


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