Installation view

Marianne Heier

Emanuela Celli

Maggie Cardelùs

Sabrina Mezzaqui

Cristina Pavesi

Claudia Losi

Elisabetta Di Maggio

Con la pazienza si acquista scienza

Maggie Cardelùs, Emanuela Celli, Elisabetta Di Maggio, Tarin Gartner, Marianne Heier, Claudia Losi, Laura Matei, Sabrina Mezzaqui, Cristina Pavesi, Leonardo Pivi, Luca Scarabelli, Sabrina Torelli, Simona Vajana, Antonella Veggiotti

curated by Alessandra Galasso

January 13 - 31, 1998

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The exhibition belongs to the series of activities "Project for Young People", triggered by the Municipality of Milan


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