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VIR Viafarini-in-residence is a residency program open to artists, critics and curators interested in spending a period of research and work in Milan. Since 2008 VIR, located in the organization's former premises in via Farini 35, aims to show, document and compare different artistic experiences and curatorial approaches, promoting them to the Italian public. International and talian artists and curators live and work sharing the same framework and tracing the perimeter of their own experimentations, both through a dialog during the studio visits, as well as of the Open Atelier final exhibition.

The residence venue consists of four fully-equipped apartments and a space of 240 square mt. where artists work side by side. Each apartment consists of a two-room-apartment of 40 square meters, with a kitchen room and a study room with an elevated bed area.

Artists and curators are selected taking into account both applications submitted directly by artists and curators, as well as nominations by international residency programs as well as by artists and critics with whom Viafarini worked in the last 20 years:
_ International residency programs: CCA Centrum Sztuki Wspolczesnej (Warsaw), Futura (Prague), HIAP (Helsinki), Gasworks (London), Jerusalem Center for Visual Art (Jerusalem), Künstlerhaus Bethanien (Berlin), Pist (Istanbul), Residency Unlimited (New York), Rijksakademie (Amsterdam), SOMA (Mexico City), Townhouse (El Cairo)
_ Artists: Marina Abramovic, Maurizio Cattelan, Martin Creed, Jimmy Durham, Katharina Fritsch, Hans Op de Beeck, Tobias Rehberger, Runa Islam, Katharina Grosse

Thanks to exchange agreements with international organizations VIR VIafarini-in-residence launches open calls in order to let Italian artists and curators spend a period of residency abroad.

VIR Viafarini-in-residence is developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities - PaBAAC General Direction. With the contribution of Fondazione Cariplo and Gemmo spa Viafarini’s institutional partner.

The length of stay vary according to the particular interests of each artist or curator. Applicants must clearly indicate in their documentation their preferred length of stay and residency dates. VIR reserves the right to present a counterproposal regarding alternative dates.

Each applicant must fill in and submit the application form, together with the following list of documents as attachments to under “VIR Application” in the subject line, or by mail to Viafarini DOCVA, via Procaccini 4, 20154:
_ Curriculum Vitae. Maximum 3 pages (.doc or .pdf format)
_ Letter of Intent, briefly detailing motivation for participation in the program, the ideas to be developed during the stay and desired dates. Maximum 600 words (.doc or .pdf format)
_ Artists: portfolio of selected works, comprising images and descriptions (.pdf format)
_ Curators and critics: maximum of 5 texts assembled in one document (.pdf format)

_ A maximum of 3 links to online resources (include in body of e-mail).
_ A maximum of 3 reviews of exhibitions, or cover letters from non profit institutions (.pdf format).

There are no restrictions of nationality or age. Due to space limitations, applications from groups or collectives will not be accepted.

VIR offers a fully equipped flat, with private bathroom, kitchen, living, loft double bed. Shared use of the studio, wireless internet 24/7 and access to all other Viafarini facilities, including DOCVA Documentation Center for Visual Arts. VIR can assist artists from the curatorial point of view, as well as facilitation in finding available options to satisfy specific project needs and preparation of the final Open Atelier. According to specific agreements VIR can invite selected artists and curators to take part in talks, lectures, round tables, classes.

The costs of VIR residency is set on 3.000 euros per month, for the following services:
_ use of a 40 fully equipped apartment, 24 hours use of the 240 sq mt. studio located in the same building on the ground floor, in addition lighting, heating, garbage disposal, maintenance, wi-fi internet connection, concierge service;
_ curatorial assistance;
_ professional facilitation in researches about Italian artistic and cultural scenario, taking also use of DOCVA documentation center facilities, assistance in making appointments with art professionals, in researches for specific technical needs related to artist's work;
_ professional preparation and set up service and technical help related to the final Open Atelier event;
_ communication of the final Open Atelier event to an extensive mailing list;
_ minor production expenses (related to availability of the limited technical equipment at disposal of our organization).
The amount can be covered through bursaries and partnerships. Viafarini reviews all the self-submitted applications, regardless of the financial coverage. Viafarini reserves the right to invite artists and curators, covering the costs. Viafarini accepts the donation of artworks that can be acquired for fundraising purpose. If necessary, VIR can provide selected guests with an invitation letter in order to help them in applying for specific funding opportunities.

All selected residents will be responsible for their own entry visas and additional immigration procedures. Residents are responsible for their own full-coverage health insurance while in residency at our facilities. VIR is not responsible for any kind of medical expense the residents may incur in during their stay. VIR reserves the right to resolve any unforeseeable situations that may arise during the length of the resident’s stay in the manner it deems fit in order to ensure optimum performance of the program and/or space. Only small, well trained pet is allowed at the residency.

Viafarini's commitment for artists' mobility has deep roots, linked with the foundation of the ArtBox database, on line since 1997, that still represents a primary source of information for Italian artists and art professionals. From 1996 until 2010 Viafarini set up an agreement with the Australia Council for the Arts. Between 2009 and 2011 Viafarini organized at VIR Memories and Encounters program also thanks to the support of Fondazione Cariplo.

Curated by Gabi Scardi
VIR Curators program is reserved to international curators, working both independently rather than in collaboration with art institutions. The program aims at fostering a fruitful interaction between guest curators and the Italian artistic scenario. Selected artists may be offered to stay in other Italian cities for a shorter period. Self submitted applications are welcome, as well as the one received by nomination. The lenth of the stay vary according to the curator availability, and the program is set in accordance with curators specific needs. The program implies studio visits, meeting with critics, curators, gallerists, publishers, organizations and institutional art speces. In addition it involves also, as far as possible, the participation in public talks, lectures and round tables. Last but not least curators will be given the possibility to consult specific databases and archives, so as to gain further insight into the Italian artistic scenario.

The submitted material will become part of the Viafarini Portfolio Archive and will therefore not be returned if not on demand and on the applicant’s expenses.

For further information and for making a studio visit: | +39 02 66804473


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