Low Cost Design Park
low cost urban playground planned by kids for kids

Daniele Pario Perra

April 8 - 13, 2014

During the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2014, Viafarini is glad to pre sent Low Cost Design Park, a project by Daniele Pario Perra.

We asked children what they would like to do in a public park and they answered they want to dream and have fun within their own fantasies, in a magic, sneaky and creative world. Then we have realized more than fifty free - admission workshops to find out the best solutions saving on money, energy and time as much as we can to creating new games. We involved a lot of children asking them to plan what they wish they had in their neighborhood and then we invited the local administrations to take care of the urban vacant lots without spending much money, showing them that it's a matter of attention much more than a matter of resources.

From the first workshop we've work all together without producing new objects because we think it's easier and better to adapt what we already have.
The idea is very simple: we use objects or structures already available in the market giving them a new life into a new project, we use manifacturing waste material from r efined and controlled production chains and we add innovative solutions to create stage and tools for imaginative role - play. Rather than reducing the quality of the projects (as it often happens to those who debate about low cost issues...) we invent inno vative and original uses of the objects that are produced for other purposes in other sectors, with minimal environmental, energetic and human footprints.

We privilege objects that already represents, for their shape or their use, the concept of sustainability: for example a garbage bin, a bell jar, the barrels and others alike, converting them into urban games, instruments to help the kids to get in touch with ecological issues. Since 2011 we're doing all of that with the support of Dusty, a company with more than 30 years' experience in services for the environmental health, promoting both the sustainability and the educational projects in a innovative way. The collaboration with the Abadir Academy and Farm Cultural Park, a database with thousands of crea tives ideas gather together from all over the world, and the EN 1176 security standard, complete the information about the projects we are going to present on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2014:

TIROGIRO – Tire's Pyramid
PASSABUCO – Stellar tunnel
CASAQUADRA – The bin house
CASATONDA – The bell jar house
PASSAGOMMA – The jump of the tires

But we didn't stop here, we've thought to give a smell to our games and so we've invited Smell Festival to produce a parfume cluster to increase the emotional and interactive impact of our games. They prepared smells for us who reminds to different countri es and cultures, reflecting the soul of 'fusion' of the citizen community where our future generations are growing up. It's simple to exted the discussion to who's got in common the interest for the art's future, for the design and for the culture of the p roject: thanks to Fondazione Furla on Monday 7th April from 4 pm to 6 pm it will take place Towards a sustainable Creativity, a meeting organized within the set - up of Low Cost Design Park in the spaces of Viafarini at the Fabbrica del Vapore complex. Artis ts and designers as Michelangelo Pistoletto, Alessandro Mendini and Daniele Pario Perra will confront each others with the curator Yuko Hasegawa about the role of creativity into the creation for a new sustainable approach of the future world. The round table will be moderated by curators Chiara Bertola and Giacinto Di Pietrantonio.

To reaffirm the commitment to a sustainable design shared by Low Cost Design and Viafarini we organize within the Fabbrica del Vapore a workshop about LOW COST DESIGN PARK in Milan: a 6 days long Learning Week from 7 to 12 April3, to help high - school students in adoopting a creative approach to architecture and design. A laboratory about sustainable planning for the artistic high - school Boccioni and Caravaggio in Milan, organized in partn ership with ITARD and ANISA. Viafarini and Daniele Pario Perra have worked together with teachers who connect artistic competence with the research of new forms for the public space: Laura Colombo, Cinzia Piglione, Mario Gerli, Chiara Mauri. Giuseppina Sav arese, Giampiero Spigarelli and the curator of Viafarini Simone Frangi.

The park planned by kids for kids is an experience who is continuously enriched with new ideas and open to the contribution os friends because we like what we do and we belive that it may represent a useful model for a growing community. For this reason we invite all the companies who produce structures and objects to collaborate with us to look for innovative uses of their products for the public space. We'll find all together the best ideas to transform them always inspired by the desire for innovation of the quality of life. Every neighborhood deservs a Low Cost Park designed by whose who live in.

Who we are. L.C.D.P. Born from the experience of Low Cost Design and Dusty services for the environmental health. Daniele Pario Perra is a relational artist, researcher and designer working on exhibitions, researching project and teaching. His work develops itself through several disciplinary areas: art, design, sociology, anthropology, architecture and geopolitics. His research is focused on spontaneous creativity, cultural tendencies and urban development, in a constant relation between material culture and symbolic heritage. In 2001 he started the database Low Cost Design: a collection of 8000 examples about the transformation of the objects and the landscape. This idea eventually became an archive, a training laboratory, a live show about sustainability, two books published by Silvana Editoriale, a way to teaching within Architecture and Design's faculties, a itinerant exhibition with more than five hundred objects reinvented by the people from all over the world. From 2006 he collect and catalog examples of a good practices for the archive L.C.D Good Practices who now contain more than five thousand of items related with sustainable and innovative services and necessity. From 2007 he coordinates a group work who manage and realize a project about territorial development, performative events and educational exhibitions, projects of communication and business training. Daniele Pario Perra has been a teacher in the faculty of Architecture in the Università La Sapienza of Rome, in Delft University of Technology in the Politecnico of Milan and in the Denver University of Colorado. His workshop about public space planning, team builing, environmental politics and social cohesion (Fantasy Saves the Planning, Art Shakes the Politics, Anarchetiquette/ Fresco urban Removais, Design on the Cheap), are continuously proposed in Italy, in Europe and in the U.S.A. Low Cost Design is realized with the support of Dusty – environmental health services, Silvana Editoriale, Farm Cultural Park.

With the contribution of Fondazione Cariplo, Fondazione Furla and Gemmo spa. Low Cost Design is supported by Dusty - Servizi di Igiene Ambientale. Thanks to ANISA Milano, Centro ITARD and Smell Festival dell'Olfatto.


last update 26-05-2014