14 - 29 april 2022
Human Realm
curated by Jor Yin Fun, Francesca Battello, Nikola Lik Man Jelenkovic

Human Realm

curated by Jor Yin Fun, Francesca Battello, Nikola Lik Man Jelenkovic

14 - 29 April 2022
Opening Thursday 14 April, 6.30 pm

Opening hours from 11 am to 7 pm Sala delle Colonne, Fabbrica del Vapore via Procaccini 4, Milan



From Hong Kong: Suzanne Au, Chok Ki Chan, Dennis Cheng, Gloria Cheung, Vivien Cheung, Yau Fat Cheung, Yvonne Cho, Christy Chor, Janice Fung, Claire Huang, Tracy Hui, Yuk Kuen Hung, Yin Fun Jor, Kacey Ko, Wai Sum Lee, May Bo Leung, Siu Mei Leung, Rosanna Li, Elizabeth Pang, Violet Shum, Ferna SHUM, Flish Man Ling Tam, Carroll Choi Wan Tsang, Kok Chung Wong, Graca Pui Yin Wong, Evan Wu

From Serbia: Braco Azarić, Ana Azdejković, Miloš Đuran, Isidora Jancić, Aleksandra Mećava, Jana Nikić, Djorđe Radović, Smiljana Šalgo, Bojan Veljković, Andrija Živanović

From Italy: Erica Battello, Davide Dicorato, Gabriel Stöckli, Lia Ronchi


Viafarini organizes within Spazi al Talento and with the curatorship of Jor Yin Fun, Francesca Battello and Nikola Lik Man Jelenkovic a choral exhibition project resulting from a survey of the artistic scenes of Hong Kong, Serbia and Italy, in a logical interdisciplinary and intergenerational.
Viafarini continues its commitment to cultural exchanges and diplomacy, created thanks to the artists archive of Viafarini and its mobility platform, which has been active for thirty years and which has made it possible to host over 250 artists from 40 different countries in Milan and to promote the mobility of Italian artists abroad.
In Milan at Spazio Colonne at the Fabbrica del Vapore the works of 27 artists from Hong Kong, from different generations, are presented and confronted with the works of 10 Serbian artists and 4 Italian artists who have in various ways intercepted the activity of Viafarini in these years.