7 july 2022
Jerusalem Delivered
by Pól McLernon

Pól McLernon

Pól McLernon | Jerusalem Delivered
Viafarini Archive, Fabbrica del Vapore, via Procaccini 4.

On the occasion of Vapore d'Estate 2022, Viafarini presents the sound installation Jerusalem Delivered by Irish artist Pól McLernon, in residence at Archivio Viafarini from May to August 2022.

The installation pays homage to John Cage's work Empty Words, a historic installation-happening presented in 1977 in Milan. The operational idea behind ​​Jerusalem Delivered is the Demilitarization of Language, a concept dear to the artist influenced by the ideas of Finnegans Wake and John Cage.

Pól McLernon is an Irish artist and musician, whose education has developed at Goldsmiths University and Edinburgh College of Art. He has collaborated with ICA London, Royal Opera House Covent Garden London and is creative director of Éabhadh Barinthus.