1 December 2022
Corvetto NZSD
One year of Viafarini.work

On Thursday, December 1, Viafarini.work (Via Marco d'Agrate 33, Milan) presents the activities launched during 2022 for Corvetto NZSD, with the support of the City of Milan and Fondazione Cariplo.
A festive evening with music and the projects for Corvetto made by artists and filmmakers with the involvement of local schools and socio-cultural organizations.

Campus Itineraries Corvetto
The Creative and Naturalistic Campus is presented, offering children in the Corvetto neighborhood activities led by artist educators Rossana Baroni, Paola Gaggiotti, Liana Ghukasyan.
Works donated for Produzionidalbasso.com's civic crowdfunding are available, which, thanks to the support of the City of Milan, allows for more than doubling the amount raised.
Two weeks of Campus promoted with the associations Terzo Paesaggio, Forme Tentative, Artàmica and Cooperativa La Strada take place at Christmas. For registration: viafariniwork@viafarini.org

The exhibition
On display are works dedicated to the Corvetto area by the artists: Rossana Baroni, Bruna Ginammi, Eleonora Roaro, Giulia Roncucci, Sebastian Roque, Baukje Spaltro, and TreTre artists working in the Viafarini.work studios: Lucia Cristiani, Carlo Galli, Edoardo Manzoni, Silvia Mantellini Faieta, Francesca Migone, Ludovico Orombelli, Francesco Pacelli, Eleonora Roaro, Vincenzo Zancana.

Video documentary with IULM
A preview of the documentary by Fiammetta Bocola and Emma Onesti of the TV Cinema and New Media course at IULM University, who documented the workshop held in June, with interventions by artists involved in the territories and sociocultural workers in Corvetto.

School-Work with ITSOS Albe Steiner
Documented is the path for transversal skills led by artist Eleonora Roaro with students from the Technical Institute and Experimental High School A. Steiner, based in Corvetto, specializing in the field of new communication technologies.

Fantasmagoria Prize
The new Fantasmagoria Prize for young screenwriters organized by Virgilio Villoresi's film production company and promoted by Viafarini.work is presented: prize of 5,000 euros, info at www.premiofantasmagoria.com

The workshops on the themes Biodiversity with Ester Galli - Filosofiacoibambini, organized for the elementary school Fabio Filzi, started for the Green Week of the Municipality of Milan with Labsus, Soulfood Forestfarms, GREEN ISLAND/Sciame continue. The evening is sustainably lit thanks to the energy of Pedalpower.

XYZ - Make it happen!
At 8 p.m. ON! Impresa Sociale involves boys and girls in creative experiences in Corvetto, to give voice to adolescents in the neighborhood through artistic-cultural workshops.

Conserere Concert
At 9 p.m. Final concert by Conserere, a self-managed and self-financed collective composed of professional musicians who make improvisation the center of their artistic research. Free offer concert. With Ibrida - Birra di Quartiere.

Video documentario di Corvetto NZSD con interventi di artisti impegnati sui territori e di operatori socioculturali in Corvetto
Fiammetta Bocola e Emma Onesti