18 - 23 april 2023
Under Design Lebanon
curated by Ghassan Salameh

Isola Design Group and Viafarini present the exhibition Under Design Lebanon, a collective of designers, traditional and contemporary artisans and craft support associations, curated by Ghassan Salameh. The aim is to offer a reconnaissance of the initiatives still active in the exceptional social, political and economic crisis that Lebanon is going through. 

Under Design Lebanon goes beyond the aspect of design as a commodity isolated from local and global context and responsibilities, and focuses on what is really important, namely the small businesses specialising in design, crafts and trade that

- remain the main sources of income for many families;
- preserve a specific class of independent workers operating within their own micro-economy;
- safeguard the collective cultural memory of a space otherwise destined to be destroyed;
- they allow deeper and more meaningful connections with the ecosystem and environment;
- they present fields of innovation in techniques, resource recycling and functional products adapted to current realities.

The group exhibition revolves around a central installation consisting of a structural system that links all the different parts together, showing the crucial strategies of adaptation to the most difficult environmental circumstances in the delicate process of creation.