25 march 2023
Festival Seta - Dialoghi sulla Cina contemporanea

Saturday 25 March 2023 the first Milanese edition of Festival Seta "Dialogues on contemporary China"the political, socio-economic and artistic in-depth event organized by the "Orientiamoci in Cina" association, will take place at Fabbrica del Vapore in collaboration with "Senza Veli Sulla Lingua" association and "CAT-City Ambassadors Team" association, both active in the Milan area for many years and engaged in social work in favor of women's and migrants' rights.

The event takes place under the patronage of the Municipality of Milan and "Viafarini" non-profit association for artistic research.
Festival Seta was born in Prato in 2020 and offers every year moments of in-depth analysis on contemporary China, involving the main Italian universities, journalists, writers and intellectuals, trying to bring a narrative of China to the public (not just the insiders), in its many aspects as free and independent as possible, unfiltered by Eurocentric visions and free from prejudices, veils of exotic charm or strongly stereotyped readings.

"It has always been our desire to create a traveling Festival that can reach where there is an important Chinese community, trying to involve the members of these communities as much as possible and stimulating a dialogue on the most current issues that citizens are descendants and the territory they are facing" comments Matteo Burioni, organizer of the event together with Patrizia Scotto di Santolo, Roberto Pecorale and Gianni Bianchi.
Milan Festival Seta "Dialoghi sulla Cina contemporanea” will talk about women, from the analysis of the historical figure of women in antiquity to emancipation, the conquest of rights in the modern age and the protagonism of the contemporary age.

Together with distinguished university professors and sinologists, there will be a large representation of Sino-descendants, many of whom are professionals engaged daily in the promotion of their own language and culture and in the effort to improve dialogue with the territory and with the institutions.
Free admission.


10.30 am
Institutional greetings
Matteo Burioni - festival Seta organizer
Ebla Ahmed - president of Senza Veli sulla Lingua Association


11 am - 1 pm
"Donne di Cina: Storia e Testimonianze di oggi e di ieri”
with Professor Alessandra C. Lavagnino, sinologist, director of Istituto Confucio at l'Università degli Studi di Milano;
Sara D'Attoma, adjunct Professor of Chinese and East Asian languages at Università Ca'Foscari, author of the book "Fiori di Pioppo al Vento: storie di donne cinesi in cerca di diritti” le Lucerne editor;
Zhuo Marianna Wen, president of Mix- !An Inspiring education for future citizens Association, expert in intercultural communication for SMEs;
Susanna Yu Bai, filmaker e photographer
The meeting is mediated by Lucrezia Goldin journalist for China Files

1 - 2 pm
Aperitivo break - aperitivo with Chinese dumplings (jiaozi) and prosecco (La Ravioleria Sarpi)

2 - 4 pm
"Sulle orme della libertà: storia di una scrittura esclusivamente femminile”
Giulia Falcini, adjunct Professor at Università di Macerata, translator and interpreter, author of the book "Nushu: la scrittura che diede voce alle donne” Csa editor
"Donne sino italiane e riconoscimento tra letteratura e partecipazione”
Sarah Manganotti, sinologist, responsible for coordinating artistic-cultural events of Associna
The meeting is mediated by Ilaria Mundula, Sinologist Pin - Polo Universitario di Prato (Unifi)