Lotto 15, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano

Lotto 15

Viafarini association for the promotion of artistic research is a creative incubator, it produces and promotes training, research and artistic experimentation in different disciplines (visual arts, music, theatre, architecture, design...) with an impact on production and social innovation.

Viafarini, expanding the experience of VIR Viafarini-in-residence, has set up coworking stations and residences at the Fabbrica del Vapore in the 840 square meters of Lot 15 under concession from the Municipality of Milan.

The opportunity is aimed at professionals such as designers, architects, graphic designers, photographers, artists, socio-cultural operators, who are interested, in addition to a work space and promotion of their research, in an experience of sharing design and skills.
The aim is to encourage dialogue between visual arts and other expressive languages, to give space to professionals and cultural operators to encourage the exchange of skills and professional growth.

Viafarini is registered since 2013 in the Qualified List of Coworking Service Providers of the City of Milan.

Since 2017 Archivo Lotto 15 has involved architectural firms and recognized urban planning professionals such as Angus Fiori architects, Sdarch Trivelli&Associati, Amedeo Strada architects, Andrea Angeli, Alessandra Messori, Paar Architects Archive, Laura May Dessagne atelier of architecture, Paolo Viola Harbours, Gerardo Ghioni Archi-Tekton; Eugenio Marchetti, Giuseppe Licastro, Giacomo Nasini, Alessandro Marzi; policy making experts such as Associazione Vivaio, professional photographers such as Massimiliano Monnecchi, Leo Torri, Federico Sorrentino, Danilo Torre, Emanuela Barilozzi Caruso, Federica Belli; musicians such as Bruno Marro; visual communication professionals such as Angela Violino Atelier Doodle, Roberto Arista Studio, Francesco Roncaglia Venus, Laura Gutman, Olivia Gozzano; design professionals such as Lina Huring Navet Stockholm, Astrid Luglio, Ilaria Bianchi; art services such as Studio senzatitolo. service to artists, ArtBag digital services for the art world; Piccolo Chiostro restoration laboratory, Alzhalarte Association for museum accessibility; La Buttiga events organization; scholars such as Chiara Tinonin and Ilaria Turba.

Lot 15 involved organizations such as YearOut International Volunteering which promotes international volunteering in Asia, Africa and Central America, Associazione Senza Veli sulla Lingua working against domestic violence, Gruppo TRA with creative workshops for children and adults, Museo Farfalla with research in didactic experimentation using theatre, visual arts, play, debate; ArtePassante / Ass. Le Belle Arti with Teatro Patrizia Mugnano, Evaporiti, Teatro Utile, Cooperative Le Crisalidi; Sun in Sky with interculture activities between Italy and China.

VIDEO Lotto 15 alla Fabbrica del Vapore

The workstation is configurable according to requirements, which can vary from the use of a desk to the space for the development of a production.

Public events
On a regular basis the doors are open to the public at presentation events.

The network of partners with operators and institutions in Italy and abroad facilitates collaborations.

from 450 up to 750 euro every three months per person, varying according to the type of workstation, to partially cover the running costs: use of shared spaces, wi-fi internet connection, lighting, heating, maintenance, concierge, facilitation in research at the Visual Arts Archive Viafarini DOCVA.

Those interested are invited to send their profile to subject: "Lot 15", for information: +39 02 66804473