2 april 2022
Corvetto Artweek

Inaugurazioni condivise in zona Corvetto

Saturday 2 april, from 11am to 11pm

A VIAFARINI.WORK Via Marco d'Agrate 33
▼ h.11.00 - 21.00 TRETRE Open studio Marina Cavadini, Lucia Cristiani, Lorenzo Lunghi, Edoardo Manzoni, Nicolò Masiero Sgrinzatto, Francesca Migone, Ludovico Orombelli, Francesco Pacelli, Adelisa Selimbašić, Pietro Vitali, Vincenzo Zancana, Bislacchi
▼ h. 16.00 - 17.00 SOULFOOD FORESTFARMS Prima l'uovo o la gallina? participatory performance with the neighborhood curated by Claudia Zanfi 
performance/reading by Giuseppe Isgrò
▼ h. 18.00 performance / cocktail, special egg-based recipes
▼ h. 19.00 CONSERERE musical improvisation
all day: video projections; art sound; wall paper photographic installation by Atelier del Paesaggio/GREEN ISLAND***


A MADE IN CORVETTO / TERZO PAESAGGIO da Piazzale Ferrara 2 a via S. Bernardo 17 Chiaravalle 
h. 10.00 - 12.30 The grand wandering of wheat. Guide for uncultivated areas by Isabella Bordoni and Alessandro Perini, "extended" version for CORVETTO ARTWEEK
▼ h. 9.45 Made in Corvetto – start
▼ stops: agroforestry, wheat fields, ex railway
▼ h. 12.00 padiglione Chiaravalle — arrival


A GALLERIA ZERO..., Via Carlo Boncompagni 44: 
▼ h. 11.00 - 19.00 GIUSEPPE GABELLONE


A DOPO?, via Carlo Boncompagni 51/10:
▼ h. 17.00 - 19.00 presentation of Arts of the Working Class


A Reading Room, via Mincio 10:
▼ h. 14.00 - 19.00 a special selection of magazines on contemporary art and its multiple expressions

Aperitivo with Ibrida Birra

Saturday 2 april, from 11am to 11pm
on the occasion of Milano ArtWeek a series of shared openings in the Corvetto neighborhood.

▼ In VIAFARINI.WORK in via Marco D'Agrate 33 le organizzazioni Soulfood Forestfarms, Terzo Paesaggio, Phoebe Zeitgeist, TRETRE, present a series of artistic-performative interventions dedicated to the symbolism of the egg and the rural world 'Everything that lives comes from the egg', the Romans said.
Symbol of creation and birth, this fragile element represents life and the perfection of form. The artists will activate a series of installations and actions, unpublished recipes, works, interventions on the territory, aimed at sharing knowledge and the active participation of the public. With the curatorship of Claudia Zanfi.
The project is part of the Corvetto Porta Verde itinerary by SOULFOOD FORESTFARMS, a proposal to actively contribute to change the food production model through a learning and awareness path aimed at all citizens.

▼ Also at Viafarini.Work the artists of the TRETRE studios present the latest works in an open studio: Marina Cavadini, Lucia Cristiani, Lorenzo Lunghi, Edoardo Manzoni, Nicolò Masiero Sgrinzatto, Francesca Migone, Ludovico Orombelli, Francesco Pacelli, Adelisa Selimbašić, Pietro Vitali, Vincenzo Zancana, Bislacchi).
PHOEBE ZEITGEIST realizes the performance / reading from Histoire de l'oeil by Georges Bataille in the translation by Dario Bellezza.
CONSERERE proposes a musical improvisation based on the idea of ​​listening and dialogue.

▼ Between closed and open spaces, TERZO PAESAGGIO  presents The Great Wandering of Wheat. Guide to uncultivated areas, a project conceived and created by Isabella Bordoni, artist and author with Alessandro Perini, sound artist and composer. A listening experience that broadens its gaze for the occasion and includes the Market in Piazza Ferrara in a crossing on foot, in the centers and edges that connect the urbanized city to the agricultural one. It starts from the space of MADE IN CORVETTO at Municipal Market in Piazza Ferrara to get to the hybrid cultural space of the former gymnasium in the Chiaravalle district, now CHIARAVALLE PAVILION. In continuity with a discreet, mimetic and constant work of publishing and publishing in the territory started by Terzo Paesaggio with "Discourses on the method" (2021), the internal space of the Municipal Market in Piazza Ferrara is now interpreted as a device for mutual learning where it is a section for reading and listening to the subject "bread" and "places" has been set up. On the internal walls of the market that clearly becomes a common room, near the voids produced by the progressive disposal of commercial establishments, in a historical phase of increasing economic and social, local and global difficulty, the Piazza Ferrara market is betting - albeit with difficulty - on desire and the ability to be part of a collective discourse, to overcome the stigma of one's marginality, for the protection of the small, against the financial hegemony of mass production and large distribution.

▼ In Corvetto for the occasion GALLERIA ZERO... in via Boncompagni 44 welcomes visitors for a visit to the solo exhibition of the artist Giuseppe Gabellone.

▼ Arts of the Working Class is pleased to arrive in Milan, hosted by DOPO?, bringing a selection of its most recent (and least, but always hot) issues. Its pages will be presented in the frame of an afternoon of inquiries on Art, Class, Work, Crisis, Poverty and Wealth, with attention and hints of fashion and waste.
The launch will be an opportunity to introduce AWC's critical approach to making culture in a landscape where the production of knowledge is still a matter of class. During the evening, issue 20 on Fashion and Anti-Waste, will be available for purchase together with the new editions. 25% of the proceeds will be donated to an association in support of the evacuees of the fascist war in Ukraine.

Reading Room, space dedicated to the dissemination and understanding of contemporary magazines presents a special selection of magazines on contemporary art and its multiple expressions.

For the occasion, the aperitivo at Viafarini.work will be with Ibrida Birra, a neighborhood beer that gives a second life to unsold bread recovered from local bakeries in Milan. Beer is made for and with the growing areas of the city, in order to support local realities scattered throughout the territory, promote short supply chains and spread a sustainable vision.