Endless Residency
co-curato da Giulio Verago e Silvia Conta

Endless Residency is a platform of exchange between artists and art workers on residency experiences in Italy and abroad. Endless Residency wants to collect and present different experiences of residency and artistic mobility, inviting artists and art professionals for participatory reflection on key aspects of residency, on its forms and its contradictions, also in the light of the big change underway. Endless Residency is member of Res Artis - worldwide network of arts residencies with over 550 members in more than 75 countries.

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The residency has shifted from being an occasion for episodic and alternative growth to be an indispensable part of the art system. Each residency provides a safe context in which to experiment, reflect, receive constructive criticism from colleagues and professionals, and in which is allowed the luxury of error.

Endless Residency offers an opportunity to think about how residency can change the artistic research itself, dislocating it from a point of view that is not only geographical. Every residency is a paradoxical context that generates permanently ephemeral communities. Endless Residency takes into account this contrast between continuity in discontinuity and suggests a comparison between different experiences and interventions. During the residency the artist is confronted with a cultural and social elsewhere, ending up enriching the artistic scene with an original and often unexpected contribution. Choosing to tell different experiences Endless Residency investigates the plurality of different models of residence: between escapism from everyday life and total immersion in an ideal context.

Why? Endless Residency wants to respond to a need felt by artists: to present the results of the residency (works, research, projects and interventions) that often don’t find restitution beyond the Open Studio, and enhance the narration of the experience by those who have lived it personally. Endless Residency is, after all, an opportunity to further investigate the reasons for its own success and the evolution of the role it plays today in the art system.

To whom is it addressed? The Endless Residency takes different forms:
An anonymous questionnaire is aimed to collect quantitative and qualitative information about residency experiences conducted by artists and curators, in Italy and abroad.
An Instagram account that introduces to the residencies, their researches hosted, short interviews with artist and art professionals.
Endless Residency is addressed to all Italian or foreign artists and curators based in Italy who have lived a residency experience or those who are considering applying.

Identità visiva di Atelier Doodle

Why Viafarini? Viafarini, founded in Milan in 1991, started its residency program in 2008 and since 2017 has extended its know-how also in the spaces that host the Archive at Fabbrica del Vapore recognized of historical interest by the MIBACT Ministry. Viafarini was one of the pioneers of the artist residency in Italy and continues its commitment as a point of reference for the international network of mobility of artists and curators. Viafarini offers information on mobility, also through the Artbox section of Viafarini website.